eIQ Energy, Inc. was founded in 2007 by experts in power electronics, power semiconductors and power conversion architectures to provide power conversion technologies to the renewable energy world. The eIQ team designed and developed the vBoost, a DC DC boost converter to convert PV-modules from low voltage/high current devices to high voltage/low current devices that can be placed in parallel and where each becomes an independent power generator. Introduced in 2009, over 3.3MW are installed worldwide. eIQ has continued the range of product development to include components that can connect to the power bus. They include DC DC converters for battery storage units, AC rectifiers to convert generator or grid power to DC and an off-grid inverter optimized for applications within this DC domain.
PV-Module DC DC Converter
Battery BiDirectional DC DC Converter
Off-Grid DC to AC Inverter
Rectifier AC to DC Rectifier
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